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Maya Bash was established in Tel Aviv in 2005 shortly after the graduation of the designer and founder from Shenkar college of Art and Design.

Originally formed as a ready to wear unisex label, Bash's work has quickly gained critical acclaim due to her modern streetwear sensibility infused with a meticulous tailoring approach, reflecting on her childhood years in Russia in the context of the upbeat urban environment she currently lives and works in.
An overnight success, MAYA BASH collections were immediately stocked at numerous designer boutiques in cities across the globe, including 24/8 in Osaca and ABC in New York.

“The Clothes will never change a human's personality, just will announce about that personality and give you a way to communicate” - Maya Bash

*All MAYA BASH collections are produced locally, mainly in Tel Aviv, largely using hand production techniques. The fabrics are, for the most part, sourced from Japan with the exception of the knitwear, which is natural cotton, linen and merino wool from Lithuania.